by Meria Heller,, December 14, 2003

Hi All,

The big story - Saddam was caught.
My thoughts so far:

Is it Saddam? We won't know until independent DNA testing is done.

Will he live? When does the lone nut shooter show up?

Will he have an open trial and be able to TALK?

Where are the WMD?

Why are the Democrats slamming each other and slamming Howard Dean for being anti-war?

Joe Lieberman the only one to say Saddam should be killed? (spoken as a true zionist)

Wasn't December 13th a favorite day of the illuminati to act?
Does the timing on this "capture" seem odd?

Bush suddenly says "god bless the Iraqi people and god bless America"?

Sen. Arlen Spector (homeland security), John Warner and Joe Biden all think there should be a trial in Iraq, and open to the press and world. This should be used as an oppty for peace. All of them blowing smoke up Bush's skirts. (if this happens, I will be shocked)

Suddenly the Saudi's say they won't be selling oil in Euros, even with the decline of the U.S. dollar? Does this have to do with Jim Baker going to Iraq and taking care of his Saudi investors money owed from Iraq?

Someone tried to assassinate Musharraf this morning.

The building in Iraq, the Palestine Hotel which houses international journalists get car bombed the same time Hussein gets caught?

I find all these events rather odd. Don't you?

Oh, by the way, the flu that's going around is supposedly a worldwide pandemic, without a flu shot to cure this particular strain, yet that didn't stop them from selling out all the other flu vaccine they have, although it doesn't address THIS flu. So what's the point? (follow the money). HMO's are now saying they'll pay for flumist since there's no more vaccine left. Well, flumist has been proven to be dangerous.

They are estimating hundreds of thousands to die from this flu. (population control?)

I see a correlation to the chemtrail spraying and this worldwide pandemic. Flu in all 50 states? Odd.

When you put the whole picture together it reads like a Shakespeare play. Why is NORAD circling F-16's over the White House today and saying it's because of 9/11?

Where were they on 9/11? (

Didn't take Bush long to get on tv today with the capture of Saddam, where was he on 9/11?

Smokescreens and distractions abound as the globalists, one world order, zionists move their plan over the globe.

Thousands of TONS of depleted uranium, 70 or so troops killed a month over 9 months for the "one bad guy"? There's some weapons of mass destruction alright.

People to need to keep in mind what the objective of going into Iraq was, which still has not been accomplished instead of getting used to the one bad guy theory we've been taught to believe forever in this country.

Yes, Saddam was a bad guy. Yes he is indeed a war criminal and should be tried.

But then, so should a lot of OUR own, including Mr. Henry Kissinger who got a nobel peace prize instead of being charged in an intl. court for the orchestration of Cambodia and East Timor which killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

What insanity. How much more do we all have to live through?

When Bush speaks of liberty for Iraq, I think of the protesters at the FTAA in Miami and at the school of terrorist in Fort Benning, GA. I think of the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, face scanning at our schools, suppression of dissent, CoIntelPro and all the other "liberties" we don't have anymore.

Yet today a lot of Americans are going to rejoice, because the same lying media has convinced them Saddam was responsible for 9/11.

And the beat goes on...................



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